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RBE's first Western of any sort (meaning there will be others to come) is a Weird Western with a twist. Instead of horror we went with sci-fi, combining age-old foes from differing genres: space-faring aliens and the solitary figure of the American West.

We read lots of unique submissions, definitely accepting a few of them, and it was obvious this theme struck a chord amongst our submitters. You'll find independent-minded denizens of the Wild West -- male, female, cowpoke, Indian, outlaw, school marm, necromancer -- facing off against intergalactic beings -- bounty hunters, lawmen, outlaws, slavers, hunters, chefs. You'll also find a fistful of mysteries and adventures!

The esteemed author of Westerns, wyrd or otherwise, Charles Gramlich, kicks off this title with a foreword from out of this world. His introduction leads to about 77,000 words in 13 tales from the following authors:

Simon Young & Jasmine Brown - "Riders on the Storm"

J.B. Toner - "Old Silas' Armory"

David W. Amendola - "The Devil's Angels"

Kristen Brand - "The Stranger who came to Dusty Hollow"

Patrick Thomas - "Backstabbers and Sidewinders"

Robert J. Santa - "Ahiga and the Machine"

Allison Tebo - "Those Who Stand"

D.K. Latta - "The Long Arm of the Law"

C. L. Phillips - "High Steaks"

Michael J. Stiehl - "Chaney's Gulch"

Logan Whitney - "Box of Bones"

Henry Ram - "Into the Valley of Nightmares"

Stan Dryer - "Tracking Blackheart Bart"

*Cover art: 'Reach for the Sky' by Logan Whitney

*Foreword from Charles Gramlich

Authors: Feel free to share this link, cover, and contents. Anticipate editing emails this week.

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