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Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE) is a micro publisher of the heroic adventure and speculative fiction genres. RBE seeks to ignite an appreciation for the tales of true heroes infused with the vigor and excitement of pulp-era fiction for today's readers.  As publishers of heroic adventure from the fantastical to the historical to the inspirational, we're living up to our tagline "Putting the HERO back into HEROICS!" Click below to read about our mission and goals.



RBE's first Anthology of Historical Swashbuckling!

Pirates & Crusaders, ahoy! Hoist your banners, unsheathe your blades, kiss your crosses, and search for booty across the seas and the sands! More of the age of steel than shot and no fantastical elements, this is a lineup of the strongest of swashbuckling historical adventures. Gritty, dangerous, and bloody tales of the past, realistic without being nihilistic. The anthology kicks off with a rousing foreword by swashbuckling and sword-and-sorcery guru Howard Andrew Jones. This is followed by 3 sections of adventure: 7 tales each of pirates and crusaders, and 3 tales combining the two. Sections contain stories by current bestselling authors, up-and-coming authors, and classic tales from 1910. Epic verse and song round out each section of historical action.There's never been anything like this. It's a massive tome of piratical and crusading adventure you'll be delighted to read!



. . . action-oriented tales in which men and women

step forward to set things right. 

~ Ty Johnston, author The Kobalos Trilogy

If you're a fan of Harold Lamb and REH,

which you should be, then this is everything you want...

~ Logan Whitney @ Rogues in the House podcast




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