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Somebody Say 'Anthologies'?

Once more, the awesome and insanely heroic Goodreads group Sword & Sorcery: "An earthier sort of fantasy" opens its bimonthly reading schedule with anthologies. Now the group (as should be evident) is all about our favorite genre Sword & Sorcery, but the rules as they are, are loose and accommodating . . . in other words, y'all could read CRAZY TOWN if you really wished!

Kudos go to group co-leader and RBE Gathering member Seth Lindberg for creating yet another in a long line of terrific anthology banners - take a look at these beauties from the last few years. RBE has been honored by Seth's inclusion of several of our covers over this time, and to be the topic of quite a few conversations during these reads.

If you're not on Goodreads, you're missing opportunities to partake in many book discussion groups, especially this one, so join up and come by the place. If you're on Goodreads and not a member of Sword & Sorcery: "An earthier sort of fantasy" -- well, by Crom, get your act together before someone bludgeons you over the head with their nearest flagon. Now -- there's at least one anthology yet to be read, outta my way.

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