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REH Days 2019 Begins

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

RBE joins lots of illustrious names in supporting Project Pride in honoring REH.

It's that time again, when the faithful pilgrimage to Cross Plains, Texas, in the heat of the good ol' US of A. That time when wanderers gather, writers rejuvenate, friends share experiences, and readers discover more about our favorite Father of S&S and what more's yet to come in this new year.

Yes, we're at REH Days!

Hot fish fry, small town parade, big hats, bigger stories, old friends and new, new books and old, fascinating memorabilia -- all are found here under blue Texas skies and gathered 'round storytellers old, young, and legendary. Y'all should put a visit on your bucket lists.

Here's some pictures to thrill and entice:

Mama's room with convenient son's porch chamber overlook.

THE typewriter and sleeping quarters of The Father of S&S (from mom's window).

The Maestro's side of the window.

The 2019 official legal recognition of REH's legacy.

A sweet salute to the 30 years of Project Pride's perseverance... accomplishing this and continuing to welcome visitors for 3 decades... this cherished and hallowed ground.
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