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RBE's First Omnibus & Watercolor

AS YOU WISH! front cover
Final front cover of the omnibus AS YOU WISH!

RBE is excited to finally share this colorful and fun artwork from Bill 'Indy' Cavalier! Getting to this point has been a long journey, and I am especially grateful to the authors who've written for SOMEBODY KILL THE PRINCE! and MOSTLY DEAD! for their patience and perseverance. It has taken over a year to land the appropriate art idea, design, and artist for this homage to William Goldman's THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and I am grateful Indy enjoyed helping create this piece. Not to mention his willingness to adjust mid-project when I changed the plan and decided to go with an omnibus that incorporated both SKTP! and MD! It's a talented and kind artist who can change mid-stream like that.

AS YOU WISH! will not be seeing publication for a bit yet. We are still needing to complete submissions for SKTP! (we need 3 more tales folks!), and then open to MD! for a new set of tales. I'd like to see this book find a summer release, but if MD! takes as long to fill as SKTP!, it probably won't be out until Christmas (fingers crossed and Miracle Max willing!).

AYW! is meant to be a family-fun book, and I think that this cover shows this is conceivable! I hope you enjoy the drama of the man in black amidst the pop of color (buttercups, anyone?) and between the trees (secret doors?) and before the formidable gates of the prince's lair ('Now?!')! I do believe we've landed on a delightful image.

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