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NEWS FLASH: Brand-new non-profit publisher ROGUE BLADES FOUNDATION Opens Doors

Yes, you've heard correctly. There are now two sides to the Rogue Blades coin: the same-as-usual for-profit RBE (Rogue Blades Entertainment) that you've come to love and enjoy, and now a non-profit RBF (Rogue Blades Foundation) that you'll come to enjoy and love as much if not more.

There's a newly revamped/created website (that has taken me, oh . . . all of the last 12 hours to create. So I'm gonna try to get an hour or two of sleep -- y'all check the joint out, try not to break anything, but let me know what needs addressing please. Things I already know of -- the money bits. I decided to get the info out there to y'all, but the site cannot accept donations, memberships, or purchases yet. That and the info behind the first two RBF titles (yes, they're in there, go check it out!) will be coming.

Tip o' the hat to RB fan, friend, and fabulous artist MD Jackson for completing the heroic makeover of the RBE and RBF logos. More later, I'm tired. Hope you find some fun and exciting stuff!

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