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June Catch-up

June's State of RBE update

Howdy y'all!

It's been busy 'round these here parts, but I'm here to share some news I'm certain some have been awaiting -- our up-to-the-minute acceptances and title updates!

I am still mid-transition to the Amazon KDP print system, with DEMONS: CLASH OF STEEL next to be retrofitted and released, followed by RETURN OF THE SWORD and CHALLENGE! DISCOVERY, all hopefully by the end of summer. I'm enjoying designing a comprehensive and complimentary new look, so once completed, all RBE titles in print and electronic will carry the same universal appearance, definitely making that RBE shelf in your libraries SNAP!

CROSSBONES & CROSSES - C&C enjoyed a spectacular REH Days in Cross Plains, Texas, USA, at the beginning of June. I sold out of copies on hand, was told by a few folks that they had already purchased it online, and watched some more online sales arrive in the days following my return to the RBE sanctum. I must admit there is nothing quite like having the Guest of Honor and award-winning S&S/historical swashbuckler guru David C. Smith tell you immediately upon greeting that he had already bought the book! Copies of C&C went out to the two winners of the Rogues in the House contest today, and a handful of reviews have trickled in on Amazon & Goodreads, but please don't let that slow you down . . . every star matters, and RBE and all the contributors value your ratings.

AS YOU WISH! / SOMEBODY KILL THE PRINCE! / MOSTLY DEAD! - SKTP! is filled! We received rewrites and new submissions that met our thematic goals, so the first half of the AS YOU WISH! omnibus will now be moving forward into editing. Authors -- anticipate receiving edits after mid-July. The sister to SKTP!, MD!, now has 3 acceptances, after one of the SKTP! authors graciously agreed to move her tale from one to the other. MD! is word-count based, and we need about 38,000 more words. Hopefully this fills more quickly, as I'd like to see an end-of-summer release. Acceptances to date:



*Cover art 'As You Wish' by Bill 'Indy' Cavalier

*Foreword from Fred Durbin!

2019's open calls continue to regularly receive submissions, thank y'all very much. Several stories under still making their way through the submission process for all 3 titles, but here are your actual acceptances to date:

DEATH'S STING - This one has no science fiction please, just grand old S&S tales akin to KEW's Kane's early life rather than modern life. Some fine sword-and-sorcery tales with an immortal -- whether s/he likes it or not -- character please.

REACH FOR THE SKY - Keep your fun and interesting submissions coming! Remember though, this is a Western with sci-fi components more than science fiction with a Western ambiance.

*Cover art: 'Reach for the Sky' by Logan Whitney

SLAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE - SITBM has a cover design but has lost its designer, so no reveal just yet as I'll be trying to figure out how to deliver what I want. Don't forget the mirth! SITBM submissions need to include the requisite 'more than 3 deaths at once' along with a touch of humor please.

And that's the current state of RBE. As always, send any questions along with a comment below, via our contact page or on Facebook. Thanks for keeping faith and for always writing!

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