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RBE's CROSSBONES & CROSSES isn't just another pretty face with cover art by Didier Normand. It's a massive tome of piratical and crusading adventure you'll be delighted to read -- a booty worthy of questing and a-seaing after! I am absolutely excited to share our expanded and now complete table of contents -- which has grown from 13 to 20 entries and almost doubled in word count! With a foreword from Howard Andrew Jones to kick things off and a couple of historical pieces from 1910 to round things out, this will be one book to treasure.

Here be our black-hearted pirates:

Jennifer Baumer - "Waegu"

Teel James Glenn - "The Red Sisterhood"

David R. Downing - "Black Widow"

W.D. Clifton - "Captain Tully's Demise"

Daniel Amatiello - "The Nilos Conclave"

Juleigh Howard-Hobson - "La Malédiction De Morte"

C. L. Werner - "Devils from the Sea"

E. Hamilton Currey - "Barbarossa, King of the Corsairs"

Our tales entwining the whites of bones and mantles:

Henry Ram - "Seven Blades to One"

KT Morley - "A Sinful Knight's Tale"

Eadwine Brown - "Sea Wolf"

And our red-soaked crusaders:

Alex Ness - "The Holiest Crusade"

Carl Walmsley - "Penitence"

J. Stewart - "Death Comes to Ascalon"

Kate Martin - "Deus Vult Ea"

Jeff Draper - "The Stars Shine, The Blood Rains"

Daniel R. Robichaud - "Jehenne's Righteous Torch"

Keith Taylor - "Stain of Blood"

Kate Dickinson Sweetser - "Stephen and Nicholas: Boy Crusaders"

Edits are in progress, with half the pieces wrapped, and layout begins. All things being helpful and remaining on course, C&C should see an April release!

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