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Breaking News: Introducing the new RBE logo

There is much happening behind the scenes here at Rogue Blades, both at the Texas headquarters and around the globe, and one of the most exciting is the recreation of our logo. Newly updated by original logo artist M.D. Jackson, our new look arrives just in time to be the colophone on our 2019 titles! RBE's familiar burgundy-and-gamboge remain, as does our signature flashing clashing swords held high before an all-seeing otherwordly moon. The newest feature, our brash and declaratory new font, is all the rage amongst adventurers young and old, female and male, novice and professional. This is RBE's renewed clarion call for heroes and the assertion of our tagline "Putting the Hero back into Heroics!" Please, share the new RBE logo around the world until the entire earth quakes at the stomp of those answering the challenge to return the Hero to Heroics!

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