WWAATD & NOM Updates

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WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE has an official TOC:

WWAATD closed with 17 stories and about 87,000 words -- right in the middle of the targeted word count and with 2 extra stories. David Pitchford, originator of this theme concept, will be penning the forward. This anthology is a rather intense read of heroic sacrifices as explored by the following stellar lineup of creative minds:

NO ORDINARY MORTALS open call has been extended to AUGUST 22, 2020.

This extra 3 weeks will be the only extension. Due to the unique nature of this theme, we are not extending offers or announcing acceptances until after closing. Once we have had the time to evaluate all of the stories that seem to suit our desired thematic aspects, we will select those that together present the whole we seek and send offers. Please continue to write and submit stories of pulp heroic characters that employ some sort of superheroic power in their pursuit of doing the right and noble and worthy thing.

Both of these titles will not be edited or released until after RBE has caught up on its outstanding titles. This means both of these titles will most likely see a spring 2021 publication.

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