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Cyber Monday FREE Shipping deal on pre-orders*!

The pre-release special deal of US$5.00 off ROBERT E. HOWARD CHANGED MY LIFE is in full swing, but RBF has decided to offer another incentive today: FREE SHIPPING on all U.S.* orders!

That's right - if your PayPal order is time-stamped before 12:00AM CST Tuesday, December 3, 2019, and your shipping address is in the United States, and you use the super special code FREESHIP in the instructions field, you won't have to pay any shipping when this beautiful tome of life inspirations by Robert E. Howard comes available next June!

Take advantage of both deals now, order here!

*Apologies to all our non-US friends and fans, but this special free shipping can only be applied to US orders. We may be a non-profit entity, but we still need to pay the bills.

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